Q: How long do the popcorn last?

A: Because we use natural ingredients, no chemicals or preservatives and with our airtight bags our Popcorn last up to 1 month kept in a closed container.  Best stored away from direct sun light, moisture or heat and in a airtight container. 

Tip: It's safe to warm up the popcorn in the oven for 5-10 mins on 175 degree if you like your popcorn warm or the freshen up the popcorn! Make sure you mix the popcorn around every 3 minute to make sure it does not burns.

Q: Why are the popcorn prices higher than regular popcorn?

A: Our popcorn is not like regular popcorn. We have unique flavors some made with liquor or real topping making our popcorn more pricey. Also, as stated we don't use any preservative or unhealthy ingredients to make our products stretch in quantity.


Q: Are any of the treats Vegan?

A: Yes, All the wine flavors are Vegan. 

Our cookies,brownies, fudge, cocoa bombs, and chocolate spoons are not Vegan.

We do plan on mastering Vegan treats soon!

Q: Do you make custom treat bags for parties or events?

A Yes, we do are all of our treats! Please email us at Luxurycomforttreats@gmail.com to discuss your needs. Custom bags order would need to be placed 2 weeks prior to your event. We usually are unable to take last minute order due to our high traffic.

Q: Can I order a sample size of popcorn?

A: Our sample size popcorn are no longer available for individual sells online. Sample size popcorn bag are available for sample boxes and event packs.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?


A: All treats are made as ordered. Due to our high traffic of orders our Processing Time is 4 - 8 Business Days for small orders and 4-6 Business Day for larger orders.

Shipping takes 2-7 Business days depending on your location.

Express mail is available. 

Please note, once your package is shipped off and you have received your tracking number, any damage to your package, lost package, delay in delivery, or any other postal problems will have to be taking up the USPS. We are not responsible for any mistakes the postal office may make.

Allergy Information:
My products are produced on equipment shared with peanuts