Popcorn Bar and Table

This is the perfect addition to any event. Traditionally, a Popcorn Bar and Table serves as the main attraction at a party. We can serve up some of the best popcorn and desserts around, and your guests will love it. This is a convenient way to keep snacks and desserts out on the dance floor is a sure crowd pleaser. 

Choose your flavors, and popcorn color. 


Popcorn Bar - Bar Setup, Popcorn Machine, Grid Selves, Decor, and Popcorn

Popcorn Table - 4ft or 6th Table with cotton table covering, Decor, and Popcorn. You can add our Popcorn Brownies, Popcorn Cookies, and Popcorn Balls to your Popcorn Table!

Please email us for more details. Luxurycomforttreats@gmail.com


Popcorn Bar Setup 



Popcorn Table





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