Luxury Comfort Treats offers a wide selection of gourmet popcorn and corn puffs. Forget the old school movie theater popcorn. Treat yourself to the best-tasting and most unique popcorn you've ever had.  Most flavors are Vegan and Gluten Free. Please check the description before ordering. 

Our Candy and Alcohol-Infused flavors are candy coated.

If you have a particular flavor in mind, feel free to request your favorite emailing us at LuxuryComfortTreats@gmail.com. Our popcorn is made to order. We strive to make our customers happy which is why we offer the best service possible.

Sizes have increased!

Sizes: Small - 5oz / 2.5 cups

Medium - 13oz / 7 cups

Large - 16oz / 13.5 cups

Gallon / 16 cups

Savory flavors sizes:

Medium- 16oz / 13.5 cups

Gallon / 16 cups