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Who doesn't love a yummy bag of popcorn? Well, if you don't you will love ours. Our popcorn is like no other!

We are California's First Alcohol Infused Popcorn! We also offer Savory, Vegan, and Candy Popcorn and Corn Puffs. Choose from with over 20 different unique flavors. 

There's no preservatives or chemicals in our ingredients. Our air-tight bags helps the popcorn last for months. 

We have flavors that are perfect for kids and adults events, movies night and etc. Stand out at your next event!

We also have other treats that caters to parties and events. Try our Popcorn Brownies or Sugar Cookies topped with Caramel made with Hennessy or Jack Daniel's Tennessee or our Fancy Chocolate Bars topped with nuts and berries of your choice! Perfect to go in a gift basket.

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Caramel Henny

Our most popular and #1 seller is Caramel Henny! Caramel Henny is the perfect combination of Hennessy and Real Caramel. This flavor got us famous with our Los Angeles locals.

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Chicken & Waffles

 Chicken-n-Waffles is a sweet and savory flavor with 5 different herbs and spices. This is more than a comfort treat, it's a privilege!

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